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Mura is a bright and colorful trattoria ideally located on the West Marina of The Pointe and facing the Fountain Show. Its name is a reminiscence of the fine art of crystal glass-blowing born near Venice, in Murano, and expresses all the flamboyance and warmth of a rich Italian culture, an ode to the Amalfi Coast.


As you enter the venue from the ground floor up, the décor is set. To the left, a private dining room cozied up under a pergola of lemon trees. Straight ahead, an alley of the same spectacular flair, which leads to a beautifully ornated staircase and up to the restaurant itself. Here you are, in the heart of an extravagant lemon grove, dramatically staged by superb chandeliers and underlined by bright tones of Klein blue. The mosaic-like tiling, the superb bright colors will transport you to another world, a hyperbole of the Italian riviera at large.

In the glimpse of a moment, you are seated in the midst of a magical Mediterranean forest overlooking a Capri-like “terrazza”, where a temperamental, bold Italian cuisine unveil a bold and flavorful refinement. The Chef was keen to offer patrons a rustic authentic menu, featuring much loved Arancini, Parmigiana, handmade pizzas, classic risottos, delicious lobster pasta, sumptuous meats and fish prepared in true Mediterranean style and for those with a sweet tooth, heart-warming desserts including “The Lemon” a delicate signature of Mura.

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Mura is an extravaganza, from the fantastically ostentatious décor to the culinary journey, magnificent hand-crafted cocktails, down-right to the flashy entertainment. Whether you want to join for a sunset session on the terrace, a night amongst friends in the private dining room, a ladies night, or late evening brunch, there is always something going on a Mura, where dinner almost always ends an after-party.